Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ohdontforget work without knowing the cell carrier?

Ohdontforget is actually one half web application and one half magic voodoo potion.

What are the valid time & date formats?

The date & time field must either be entered as “now” or a valid date, followed by a space and a valid time.

Valid date formats include: MM/DD/YY, MM-DD-YY, today, tod, tomorrow, tom, monday, mon, tuesday, tue, wednesday, wed, etc.

Valid time formats include: #pm, #am, #:##am, #:##pm, ##:##am, ##:##pm, noon, midnight.

What time zone does Ohdontforget reside in?

It doesn’t matter. Ohdontforget automagically detects your time zone and schedules text message for delivery accordingly. The time and date settings must be correct on your computer for Ohdontforget to work properly.

I sent myself a message with Ohdontforget and I never got it!

Technically, that’s not a question. If you reside in the U.S. and are not receiving messages, please email us with your cell number and carrier so that we can help figure out what’s wrong.

Can I blacklist (remove) my number from Ohdontforget?

Simply enter your number on our remove page.

Can I create a cell phone distribution list on Ohdontforget? Can I send to multiple numbers at once?

No. We feel very strongly about minimizing the possibility of anyone misusing Ohdontforget.

If you’d like to send bulk texts, we’d recommend our commercial API.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Ohdontforget did insert cool feature here?

Probably! But we built Ohdontforget to do one thing, schedule text messages as simply as possible. If you have a killer idea, please email us.

How do I stop receiving messages sent through ODF?

If you’re receiving unwanted messages, please visit our remove page.

When I receive a reminder, why does it come from from another number and not from my number? Can I change the “from” number?

We can’t actually send from your phone, and it can be legally iffy to modify the caller ID. ODF uses a bunch of virtual phone numbers to deliver reminders.

Help! My number’s been blacklisted.

To remove your number from the blacklist, follow the instructions on our remove page.