in the media

"This is the new darling of the Today Show!"

Today Show on NBC - on air 8/12/06

“It does only one thing, but it does it oh, so well.”

TIME Magazine

“Plug in a mobile number, date and time you want your text alert sent, as well as a message, and will take care of the rest.”

The Wall Street Journal

“But simplicity is beautiful, and by that metric this site is a knockout.”


“Here’s a good idea. Send yourself a text message reminder. Good URL name too.”


“Oh, don’t forget… has got to be the easiest way around to remind yourself that it’s time to water the plants/pay your bills/renew your driver’s license/check your ammo stockpiles in case of zombie armageddon.”

Mark Frauenfelder, founder of BoingBoing

“Oh don’t forget… is a great tool.”


“We’ll show off a few handy websites that will teach you SMS basics and how to send a text message from your computer to your phone.”

Call For Help with Leo Laporte — on air 8/16/2006

When things are crazy and busy, stuff falls through the cracks…

Regina Lewis

“My handheld helps me remember things like that. But you can never have too much help. That’s why oh, don’t forget is so handy.”

Kim Komando

“It’s literally that simple…. And that smart.”


“…a terrific way to remind yourself or someone else via the web.”

The Daily App

“Oh, don’t forget…is the Billy Mays of task management” (we think that’s a compliment)

Netted by the Webbys

“the free app that lets you text message yourself (or a buddy) at some date in the future.”

Seth Godin

“It’s easy and one of those things that takes the cake from traditional methods.”


“Next time you don’t want to forget about something, try”

Solution Watch

“oh, don’t forget is a website with a simple premise, but which has a lot of potential to be useful.”

Fresh Arrival

“The oh, don’t forget site offers an easy way to send yourself (and other people) reminders to a mobile phone.”

Jason Kottke

“Little programs like the SMS reminder app, OhDontForget, are not just amusing, they’re actually useful.”

Release 1-0

“I absolutely love the simplicity and clarity.”

SMS Text News

“it’s downright useful if you forget stuff”


“Oh Don’t Forget hits the spot and it hits it well.”

The Web 2.0 Dev

“One of the hottest new Web sites…”

Houston Community Newspaper

“Not only can you text people, you can schedule them for later delivery.”


Recently featured as a Yahoo Daily Pick and reviewed in episode 51 of commandN!


“In about as long it takes to read this sentence, you can set up a reminder to burble on your phone at a designated time.”

PC World

Clever idea – they suggest using ODF in the summer for sunscreen reminders – “Daily text messages nearly doubled sunscreen use, according to a study in the Archives of Dermatology