The easiest way to schedule SMS reminders for yourself, your family, friends or customers.

Or to teammates, parishioners, colleagues, acquaintances, club members, classmates, students, subjects, machines, … you name it.

Hi, I'm a reminder scheduled with Ohdontforget! Now you won't miss your appointment :)

It's simple. You can send a message now or schedule it for a later date, to one person or many at once.

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You can have it repeat every week, month or year - or every second Tuesday or third day of the month if you’d like.

The press has been talking about us since the beginning, all the way back in 2006,

NBC Today Show
This is the new darling of the Today Show!

Oh, here too,

And our customers swear by ODF,

I rely on this service all the time, from reminding my kids of stuff to making sure my boss remembers an early morning meeting. I love this service!!!
I use this all the time, every week and it's a part of my life.
This is the best thing ever. Okay, so I am being a little extreme, but wow.

Our prices are low and easy to understand.

You pay per reminder sent,
– no commitment whatsoever.

In the US & Canada,

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